My Drones For Less Review – Is Amazon Cheaper & Safer?

November 26, 2016


Since writing this review back in 2016 several disturbing claims have been made in the comment section. Scroll down to the bottom to read them for yourself before you make a purchase.

When taking the time to search the Internet for websites that sell drones, you come across an abundance of different retailers. Some of these companies specialize in only drones, while others sell everything under the sun. Drones For Less falls into the former category. The company claims itself to be “Your Drone Super Store” but do they deserve that title?. The company’s website is fairly basic and the prices are not that great compared to other cheaper retailers like Amazon. The service provided by the company was average but nothing special. Below, you will discover what I liked and disliked with Drones For Less.

Very Basic Website


Some drone retailers feel a need to create an enormously complicated website, with too many high-quality images. While I can appreciate an aesthetically pleasing site, I often prefer simplicity and that is exactly what Drones For Less delivers. The company’s website is very dumbed down, cheap and basic. It only includes a few categories, which are all based on brands. For instance, you can find a specific section for Parrot and another for DJI. This makes quite easy to find exactly what you’re after, as long as you already know what you want but I still found Amazon easier to navigate for drones.

A Decent Selection


Drone For Less has an okay sized selection of drones pretty much on par with As a full-fledged drone enthusiast, I did however find that the company’s offerings were good enough for me. When I clicked on DJI, I was able to quickly find the company’s most popular drones, such as the Phantom 3 and Phantom 4. The website also has a section, which is dedicated to drones under 500 pounds also like Amazon. Whether you’re looking for a remote control, camera or a new drone, you can guarantee Drones For Less will have something that will satisfy your thirst.

Price Range


When scouring through their drones, I discovered that the prices were nearly identical to other drone retailers but more expensive than in some cases. The products offered ranges in price from cheap to expensive. I saw that Drones for Less offered a good amount of payment options. They accept all major credit cards, including Visa, Discover and MasterCard. It was also interesting to see that they accept PayPal since it’s quite they are notorious for not always refunding consumers and taking a vendors side in some cases. Personally I will always feel much safer using my visa card with amazon compared to other smaller unknown retailers like drones for less.

Refund Policy


One thing I didn’t like about Drones For Less is the company’s refund policy. The company will accept opened drones, even if they have been flown which may sound good. The thing is though there is a 15% restocking fee and there is only a 1 month-long return period which isn’t great.

How to get a good deal

If you don’t want to order from Drones for less, I would recommend instead ordering through Amazon as the refund policy is much better and so is the support.

 Click Here To Check Drone Prices on 

Amazon also often have good sales, so it might even be cheaper. Why not go check if you can save yourself some money while getting rid of any risk?

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  • Reply Nigel August 31, 2017 at 1:54 pm

    My experience with Drones for Less has been far from a positive experience. I ordered a Mavic Pro Combo pack and a Osmo Pro. The parcel arrived very quickly, but was missing 3 items. I was promised they would be sent out but they have failed to arrive. I have tried contacting their customer service department and what a waste of time that has proven. From my experience, they were very quick to take my £3,000 but have failed miserable in sending all the equipment and not returning any messages. Personally I would avoid this company like the plague.

    • Reply Alan Harris September 12, 2017 at 2:52 pm

      Hi David & Nigel, your story sounds familiar. I ordered a bundled offer of a Phantom 4, 2 extra batteries, Charging plate and I added a D4U Pro~2 backpack because it was similar to a Manfrotto D1 but a fraction of the price.
      Delivery was amazing … considering they missed the street name on the label.
      There was only 1 extra battery instead of 2.
      The Charging plate was a piece of junk.
      They sent a D4L Pro-4 backpack which has so many zips that it can open up like a filleted cod. I plainly ordered a Pro-2.
      The Phantom 4 Quad looked fine but I did not want to fly on only 2 batteries.
      Let the fun begin:
      I placed this order on 16 May 2017 and then on 20 May I phoned to see about the missing extra battery. Not overly worried about the charging plate but it was part of the bundle deal.
      Last call of #6 and warning e-mail was 7 July 2017. Last chance.. no more empty promises.
      Less than ONE WEEK after asking the Credit Card to help out and me posting a list of calls etc… D4L contacted me for the first time and did not have a scooby-doo about my complaint and what could they do to help.(That means get the Credit Card Co off their back!) I was asked to return the ‘faulty’ parts .. that hadn’t been delivered Whaaat? I was re-imbursed by the Credit Card Co the asking price of the Battery AND DJI Plate (£243) then bought 2 new Hi-Capacity Ph4 batteries with this rebate.
      I’m still pestering them for the exchange of the backpack. No way am I sending anything back. THEY can send me a Return Label with the proper backpack and I’ll hand it over to DHL couriers on the doorstep.
      I’m a bit luckier in that I have not actually lost any of the £1110 that I paid and I have put a rocket up someone. Next is trying to track down a Director. It will be hard as the London address is a Post Box! A bit more mis-selling, mis-information claiming to be a UK based business. The telephone is a permanent re-direct to the “support” desk in Brooklyn New York!
      The sales literature shows a DJI plate, they sent a faulty Ultimaxx plate which was known to have ‘defects’.
      Sorry for hogging the limelight. Hope it helps anyone swithering to buy from this bunch to steer clear.

  • Reply slartibartfast September 17, 2017 at 1:30 pm

    Avoid. This company is USA based and a risk to buy from. Their small discounts are not worth the effort and stress.

    I have full documentation to support this review.

    On 15th Aug I ordered a £315 Nikon dslr camera from The website had a soho, London address and a London phone number. I paid through PayPal and received confirmation from PayPal and plus an email from someone called peter asking me to call regarding the order.
    I called and was talking to either Americans or canadians. Peter wanted to sell me batteries. I asked to cancel the order – I didn’t want to buy from overseas as the £25 saving was not worth the wait, possible import problems (I’ve had issues with anything containing batteries at customs before), complicated returns, warranties, non uk plugs etc… I had called peter within a few hours of placing the order and was put through to Jessica. She confirmed my cancellation and said I would receive an email. I didn’t so 3 calls to her later in the day (UK evening because this company doesn’t start till 2pm GMT so I assume they are on the east coast – no one was prepared to tell me the real address) I was put through to Angela who again confirmed my order was cancelled and sent me 2 cancellation confirmations from her personal hotmail account before finally sending me one from dronesforless. She confirmed that I would be refunded within 24 hours – the billing manager was out of the office.

    On the 16th support for drones for less confirmed my cancellation by email and said I would receive a full refund within “a few business days”.

    On the 17th I received an email saying the camera had been despatched and was given a tracking number. The number didn’t exist. I called and spoke to Jessica again who said it was a system error and my cancellation was confirmed but she couldn’t be sure because a packing label had been printed. Perhaps when the camera arrived I could return it and ask for a refund? Now very concerned that I would ever see my money back or a camera for that matter, on the 18th I opened a dispute with PayPal and dronesforless responded that when they got the camera back they would refund me. The tracking number was now showing but as not despatched.

    I emailed the courier, globegistics who replied on 23rd that they were not in receipt of any package for the tracking number given to me. I emailed dronesforless who said when they get the camera back – which clearly had never been despatched in the first place – they will refund me. I escalated the case with PayPal. At this point dronesforless emailed me saying they would refund me if I closed the dispute… hmmmm yes I’m that stupid. I replied saying if I closed the dispute I would no longer be protected by PayPal. Dronesforless replied and said don’t talk to us anymore talk to paypal ha ha strop or what?

    Finally on 12th Sept, nearly a month later, PayPal agreed with me and forced a refund.

    Dronesforless uk website is a front they are not based in the UK and do not distribute form the UK. They are disorganised & incompetent and it’s a major problem to get a refund. It’s all well and good them claiming that paying by PayPal or credit card protects you but only if you want a lot of agro and are prepared to wait a month until they are forced to act.

    Finally (after Curry’s took my order and money and 6 days later emailed to say they were out of stock) I bought it from Argos online, manufacturer sealed with a discount voucher which meant the price difference was only £20 more for the upgraded bluetooth model and collected it the same day. Lesson well and truly learnt. I only wanted to buy a camera and was involved a month long charade. Why?

    I waited until I had my refund to post this review because had read others saying dronesforless were refusing to refund until a bad one was removed. This may explain their astonishingly high rating 🙁

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