My Review Of The Xfold dragon x12

January 18, 2017

Are you looking for an amazing drone the will go where others cannot? There are many great drones on the market, but the xFold Dragon x12 is undeniably one of the best. It is slightly more expensive than some of its competitors, but it greatly exceeds the performances of its competitors. The drone is designed to withstand the test of time and it is capable of taking jaw-dropping videos from the sky. Below, you will learn all about this drone and its most notable specifications.

Xfold dragon x12 Flight Time


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When looking at the xFold Dragon x12, you will find that the drone is equipped with 2 22,000 mAh flight batteries. They provide you with 12 cells of power. When compared to the alternatives, the Dragon x12 is capable of flying through the air for much longer durations. And of course, it can support 4 batteries of 22,000 mAh each. The drone will keep you entertained for longer durations, without requiring you to stop and recharge.

Always Balanced

Some individuals will find it difficult to control their drone. This will never be the case with the xFold Dragon. This drone’s engineering is incredibly unique and thoroughly impressive. When flying, this drone will always remain perfectly balanced. The innovative engineering ensures central gravity remains 100 percent at all times.

Foldable Design

The most unique feature of the xFold Drone is its foldable design. Instead of needing to dissemble the propellers, you can simply fold them back up. When you are ready to take the drone for a flight test, you will simply pull the propellers out. This is definitely much easier than attaching and detaching, plus it makes for a much more compact storage.

Camera Compatibility

The xFold offers an immense amount of flexibility, when it comes to cameras. It is capable of carrying one or two professional-grade cameras for 2D or 3D stereo filming. The drone supports Arri Alexi, 2x RED for 3D, Alexa M and F55. It is also capable of carrying a maximum payload of 100 pounds (140lb stress).

Smart Connectivity

One feature that cannot be ignored is the embedded Smart Technology. This technology acts as a form of communications from the drone to a smartphone or tablet. You will be able to make parameter adjustments directly from your smartphone. Truly, this feature is amazing and makes a world of difference.

My Favorite Features

* Works with all commercial grade remotes

* Maximum payload capacity of 110 pounds or 50kg

* Comes with a 1-year xFold Service Plus Warranty

* Weighs 42.6 pounds

* Comes with 2 22,000mAh batteries

* Includes a travel case

* Equipped with an intelligent cruise control feature

* Can carry up to 2 cameras

* Automatic return-to-home feature

Final Thoughts

When it comes down to it, the xFold Dragon x12 might be a little too much for the average consumer. However, it will be absolutely perfect for others. It is truly the perfect solution for those that need a professional drone for search and rescue operations. The drone is also suitable for industrial applications. If you want a drone that excels in all categories, this is definitely the one to get!

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