The Ultimaxx backpack Pro ii for DJI Phantom

November 28, 2016

Hey Guys, This is my personal review of the Ultimaxx BP-D1 Pro II. As most of you will know I own several DJI Phantom’s so I wanted to get a good backpack for transport and protection for my drone.


Are you the type of person, who wants to take your drone over long distances? If so, you will want to make sure you can transport your drone in a safe, convenient manner. Unfortunately, carrying around an exposed drone in your hands isn’t a good idea. The wings could get clipped and broken very easily. This is why you’ll want to consider investing Ultimaxx BP-D1 Pro II Done Backpack. This product will keep your drone safe and sound, while also making it easy to tote from one location to the next. Below, you will learn more about this backpack and its most notable features.

My Favorite Features

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1. Very comfortable ergonomic design

2. Lightweight and easy to carry

3. Capable of accommodating a variety of different drones

4. Can also carry accessories and a laptop

5. Offers plenty of protection to the drone

6. Very affordable


Before investing in a backpack for your drone, you’ll want to make sure your done of choice fits into the backpack’s interior. The good news is that the Ultimaxx is very versatile. While it is specifically designed to accommodate a few specific models, it can truly be utilized for a wide array of drones. In fact, the backpack is so versatile than it can be utilized to carry a laptop and several extra accessories. The product is very spacious and can be used to transport many items from one location to the next.

Very Comfortable

When it comes down to it, there are numerous backpacks that will fit your drone. However, it is essential to consider yourself as well. It is a good ideal to choose a backpack that will rest comfortably on your back throughout the commute. The Ultimaxx BP-D1 Pro II is ergonomically designed and is equipped with convenient shoulder straps. I absolutely adore the feel of the straps. When the backpack is wrapped around my shoulders, it does not feel cumbersome at all. Yet, it feels very secure. Whether you wear the product for many hours or just a few minutes, you can guarantee your back will remain comfortable.

Compact Design

One important factor than must be considered, when shopping for a storage case for your Phantom drone is portability. However, it is crucial that the case safely holds the drone and additional accessories. When I travel to the nearby park to fly my new drone, I do not want to be burdened down with a large storage case. What I like most about this case, besides the compact design is it can be worn as a backpack. This provides me the freedom to ride my bike to the park, instead of having to travel the two miles on foot.

Water Resistance Design

When traveling a total of four miles, back and forth to the park, you never know what you may encounter. Believe it or not, I ran into a rain cloud on my way home one evening after my flying expedition. I was terrified that my precious drone would be ruined by the time I arrived home. I rushed to open the storage case, as soon as I walked through the front door and to my surprise everything was completely dry.

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