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What Drone Does Alfie Deyes Use?

March 7, 2017


Alfie Deye’s is a British YouTuber born 1993 who runs the hugely popular YouTube channel’s Pointlessblog created in 2009 and PointlessBlogVlogs in 2010. Both with a total 1 billion combined video views and just shy of 10 million combined video views. Alfie Deyes and his girlfriend Zoe Sugg are said to have a networth somewhere in the millions so it’s no shock that Alfie always has the best tech in his videos and that is proved no truer with the drone he is currently using in his videos.

What Drone Does Alfie Deye’s Have?


In this screenshot from his video “Crashing My Drone” we can see he is using the DJI Mavic Pro.

You can check prices and reviews before you buy Alfies Drone

This drone released in March 20th is a brand new drone from the DJI company is their brand upgraded drone that truly breaks all previous boundaries by actually being able to fold up and fit in your pocket (like a big jacket pocket) and at the same time still being able to record in high 4k quality like it’s sisters the Phantom 4 and fly at an unbelievable 40 mph! This drone is used by YouTuber’s like Casey Neistat and no doubt will be used by many more once it gains some traction in the market place as it is actually currently in a very similar price bracket to the Phantom 4.

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