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What Drone Does Aspyn Ovard Use?

February 20, 2017

They use this DJI Phantom 4


Parker talking about their drone

You can check prices and reviews on Amazon before you buy..



1. Used by Aspyn Ovard  and others.

2. Perfect for beginners 

3. Creates beautiful 4k videos

4. Easily buy spare parts online


Our Review Of Aspyn’s Phantom 4

We see the DJI phantom 4 used time and time again by every big YouTuber creating high quality cinematic drone shots in their videos. This is the perfect drone for many reasons based on the technology in the battery and video camera. We highly recommend this drone to anybody looking to pick up their first drone, yes the price might seem a little high for some people but you won’t find a better for a lower price tag. Any drone from DJI is a good drone.

BIO on Aspyn Ovard


The Youtube channel HauteBrilliance is run and owned by social media personality, vlogger, blogger and YouTuber Aspyn Ovard who created her channel back in 2010. Since then with her boyfriend Parker and by herself she has grown her YouTube channel to great heights with her subscriber base reaching around 3 million and her total combined video views close to two hundred million. Her first video publicly available on her channel is DIY Colored Ends Using Chalk! Hair Chalking 🙂 and it was uploaded back in 2012

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