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What Drone Does Ben Brown Use?

January 15, 2017

Ben Brown is an ex professional kayaker and was part of the British flat water kayak team for around ten years. He was introduced and original given early promotion from YouTuber and old friend Louis Cole which was the basis for his now steadily growing YouTube channel. Ben Brown has over 100 million combined video views and is well on his way to 1 million loyal subscribers by uploading vlogs almost daily. He is especially known for his high quality content and has featured in Casey Neistats vlogs which with no surprise means Ben Brown uses Drones in his vlogs.

What Drone Does Ben Brown Use?


Ben Brown Using The DJI Inspire T600

In this screen shot from one of Ben’s vlogs we can see that he is using the DJI-Inspire-T600. Another YouTuber who owns and uses one of these is Jesse Wellens. This drone from DJI is one of the more costly drones but has a range of special features that back up the price.



1. Can record 4k video footage.

2. Smart phone app for live drone camera feed

3. Simple Set up

The cons are that the drone is rather expensive and the support for the DJI Inspire T600 is pretty much non existent. The DJI Phantom 4 seems to be a more popular option for many YouTubers due it being cheaper, it still recording in 4k and the amount of information available online for problems that sometimes occur.

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