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What Drone Does Casey Neistat Have?

January 15, 2017

Casey Neistat is currently one of the fastest growing YouTubers in the entire world right now and has completely reshaped the term vlogging. Before Casey YouTuber’s would typically film themselves with a tiny hand held camera and the only editing they would do is a little cut here and there mashing up random clips together. Casey uses a massive Canon EOS 70D Digital SLR Camera with an even bigger spider tripod. He has been quoted as saying he spends up to 6 hours editing each blog and our man Casey is one of the reasons everyone is now using boosted boards and drone shots in their vlogs.

 What Drones Does Casey Use?

In this below gif we can see Casey with the DJI Mavic Pro. Yes….. That really is a drone folded up that can fit in your pocket and film in 4k!


Casey’s DJI Mavic


Once everything is unfolded you can see that it is then a full functional working drone. This is by far the best drone in my opinion for beginners due it being so easy to control when flying. It comes a controller that connects to your iPhone which then feeds a live stream of footage straight from up in the sky in 1080p quality which you can obviously record and then upload to YouTube.


Casey’s Phantom 4


We can see Casey in the above screen shot with a second drone from the DJI company. This time he has the Phantom 4. This drone definitely won’t fit in your pocket and is slightly more difficult to fly but it has stabilizing features and can record in up to 4k in quality. You will often see drone shots in Casey’s vlogs filmed with his Phantom 4 and the quality is always breath taking.

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