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What Drone Does FunForLouis Use?

February 9, 2017

FunForLouis a 6ft plus softly spoken dreaded man is a YouTuber from London England is a YouTuber who travels the world pretty much full time and films it all for his almost 2 million subscriber base who tune in daily. He is known for his high quality content and amazing editing skills that he picked up from previous jobs. He has used 3D cams, high quality Canon camera shots and even before most people he used drone shots in his videos.

What Drone Does FunForLouis Use?


FunForLouis Uses The DJI Phantom 4!


Records footage in 4K

Good flight time

Best price for quality

Replaceable parts

Used by big YouTubers

Our Review Of The Phantom 4

We think this is the go to drone for anybody look to get their first drone. It’s not cheap but you won’t find a better drone for the price. You get everything you need and more to get amazing shots for your videos or if you just want to have a smooth fun flight.

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