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What Drone Does Idubbbz Use?

January 15, 2017

Ian Carter born 1995 is more commonly known as IDubbz and for ending Leafy’s career to his 3 million+ YouTuber subscribers. His videos have garnered over 350,000 million combined videos views since registering his channel in 2012 and he seems to upload almost weekly going for a quality over mass content approach. His most popular videos are the content cop on Leafyishere with 14 million views and the content cop on Keemstar which as 10 million views.

What Drone Does Idubbz Have?


Idubbbz uses the DJI Phantom 4 Drone

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1. Best budget drone from Phantom 4

2. 23/28ish Minute battery life

3. Shoots in 4k

4. Good amount of support online

5. Read Reviews On Amazon.com



In the above GIF we can see Idubbbz like so many others has started to use drones occasionally in his videos although mostly for satirical purposes to ironically make fun of the amount of people who use drone shots in their videos. Never the less if you want to get the same drone as Ian then you can.

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