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What Drone & Camera Does Romanatwood Have? EXPOSED Inside!

January 15, 2017

Roman is using the DJI Drone in this gif


In the above GIF from one of his latest videos in which he tries to cut Britney’s cousins hair with a hair clipper attached to a drone we can see that he is using the LATEST DJI drone which doesn’t surprise at all. Someone like Roman Atwood is always going to be using the latest best tech that money can buy.

Roman’s DJI Phantom 4


You can check prices and reviews on Amazon before you buy



1. Shoots video in 4k

2. Used by Roman Atwood

3. Upload and edit footage easily

4. Great battery life

5. Camera stabilizing technology



Is the drone good?

This drone is seriously one of the best drones currently out there on the market. With the latest 4th version you now get a flight time of just over 20 minutes, you can film in 1080p just like Atwood does. If you are a novice to drone flying then you really don’t have to worry because the DJI 4 has stabilizing features that make it easy to hover over one static spot or in Atwood’s video easier to cut someones hair with a hair clipper attached lol.

If you want to get the same shots as Roman then you can pick up this drone and do just that!

What Camera Does Roman Atwood Use in 2017?

Due to the huge amounts of money Roman as managed to earn from his online YouTubing career he is able to buy the best cameras currently out there for his content. For vlogging Roman owns and uses the Canon Powershot G7 which is a small but incredibly powerful camera that records video and audio in high quality which you will be familiar with if you watch his vlogs.

Roman Atwood Bio

Roman Atwood born in Ohio United States is a 33 year old YouTube superstar. He daily vlogs on his second channel and uploads infrequently on his main channel. With over 1 billion views on his main channel and over 2 billion on his vlogging channel it’s fair to say that most people will have watched a Roman Atwood video at some point in their lives and if they haven’t then they soon will.

His most popular videos include “Anniversary Prank Backfires” and “Crazy Plastic Ball Prank“. In the past Roman’s extreme pranks have brought upon some criticism from media outlets and some fans but regardless he still a strong group of fans nicknamed the “Roman Soldiers” who stick by him and watch his content every single day. Some of his viewers at some point notice the drone’s he uses in his vlogs and want to know what he uses so they can have the same one. If that sounds like you then keep reading to find out what he uses.


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