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What Drone Does Tanner Fox Have?

January 15, 2017

MTFilms more commonly known as Tanner Fox to his fans is a young 17 year old Youtuber star who is based in California, San Diego. His YouTube channel registered in 2011 MTFIlms is growing fast and currently has over 2 million subscribers and over 250 million combined video views. His most popular videos include “INSANE 7 YEAR OLD HOVERBOARD TRICKS AT THE SKATEPARK!” and “TRAMPOLINE VS 10,000 CHEESE BALLS!” both giving him a total of almost 30 million videos. Recently Tanner has begun to incorporate more drone footage into his content with some viewers even joking that he is trying copy Casey Neistat. He is not alone though and more YouTuber’s are starting to increase the quality of their content with these professional 4k drone shots.

What Drone Does Tanner Fox Use?


Tanner Fox Phantom 4 GIF

In his recent videos we can see he is using the DJI Phantom 4 like so many other YouTubers including Casey Neistat and Jay Alvarrez.

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This drone is really good for beginners and is very easy to control once up in the sky leaving you with plenty of flight time to get some sick 4k shots for your YouTube videos. Who knows maybe you’ll hit it big time with one great video.

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